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If you are in Kettering, Barton Seagrave, Burton Latimer, Rothwell , Desborough or any of the surrounding villages,and in need of a new washing machine, then call us on 01536 760233, we can get one delivered and installed if required quickly.

We have many years experience in the electical trade, and pride ourselves in being able to offer a complete service of not only supplying a new washing machine, but we can also install it and remove the old machine. We will give you honest advise on the best machine for your needs if required.

We are proud to be independent, and although our shop may be small, we are a member of a large buying group that gives us  the buying power to be able to compete and offer a large range of Washing Machines and other appliances.

Call us on 01536 760233 and we can arrange a fast delivery.

About Kettering-

Kettering is believed to have got its name from being the place of the ketter's people, with the "ing " meaning people of, derived from old english words of ingas or inga. Kettering is about 81 miles or 130 km from London. The Midland railway company opened Kettering Railway Station in 1857, by 1967 it was linked to London, this gave a massive boost to Employment in the town. The boot and shoe industry in the 19th century helped to shape the town. Large houses in Rockingham Road and The Headlands were built for the factory owners, with terraced streets providing housing for the workers. Over more recent years the town centre of Kettering shifted away from the Market with the building of the Newborough Centre, later renamed Newlands Centre, although recenty effort has been put in to bring the old maket place back to life with restaurants around that area and some fountains.  Kettering is home to Wicksteed Park, founded in 1913 by Charles Wicksteed, new rides have been added over the the years with "Rush" being added most recently at the time of writing.  

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