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Other Independant Local Business you may find Useful-


Lords Blinds-   http://www.lordsblindsnorthants.co.uk/

Desborough Opticians  http://www.desboroughopticians.com/site/Home.html

Bushbaby Computing  http://www.bushbaby-computing.co.uk/


Shopping in Wellingborough is easy at Nene Court just off the Embankment.

There is a growing variety of shops at Nene Court Wellingborough, with more being built.

Parking is free and easy.

Shops include-

Austintacious, Burditts(w) Electrical , Bella Barista , Bestbuys Camping Centre , Bob Caddick Photography , Elements Interiors , Fab Footwear , Hart Family Brewery , Hunters Emporium , Mochaberry , Pick-a-Pressie charm shop , Sweet things Wellingborough

The Craftworks , The Garden Deli , The Gun Cupboard , The Pump House Cafe , The Wholesale Kitchen Company , Towability Trailers , Wellingborough Cycles , When I Was A Kid

* I'm sure there are more , apologies if I have missed anyone or mis-spelt, or if you have a Website we can add a link too,  pop into Burditts(w) on Nene Court, and will ammend.

For Shopping in Wellingborough go back Again and Again to Nene! (as in Ten) ......   or as some other parts of the country pronounce it....  The place

 to be Seen is Nene! ( as in Queen)

For a bite to eat ,a Chesterfield Sofa a Washing Machine, a new tent, a pair of shoes, even a kitchen sink (attached to a kitchen) Nene Court Retail Park is the place to shop in Wellingborough. 

For a new Washing Machine delivered fast in Rothwell, call Burditts on 760233.

We are located just over the boarder in Desborough on Station Road.

We supply and install Washing Machines, dish washers, tumble dryers, fridges and freezers, Televisions and much more.

we can often deliver and install on the same day, we also remove your old appliance if required.

It is quicker to get to us than driving to Kettering or Market Harborough, and we have a large selection of washing machines to choose from.

We deliver to Rushden, Higham Ferrers and surrounding villages. Our Shop on Nene Court Retail Park Wellingborough is close by, and well worth a visit. Parking is easy and free, if you want to take an item with you, you can park right by our door. We are a member of the Sirius Buying Group, rather than Euronics.

We Supply Bosch Hoover Candy Amica Linsar Statesman Hotpoint Indesit Whirlpool Zanussi and most other brands.

We can arrange repairs to domestic appliances and televisions out of guarentee . Robin, the ex service manager from Mobile Radio Euronics is working closely with us and has many years experience. 

Either pop in and see us, or give us a call to discuss your requirements. We supply and install Washing Machines, Dishwashers, Tumble Dryers Fridges and Freezers, Televisions and more! And we can get rid of your old appliance too. We are proud to be an independant electrical dealer, being a member of Sirius gives us greater buying power in a similar way to Euronics.


Burditts can be found in the middle of Station Rd in Desborough.

There are a few other businesses in and around Station Rd, including-

Julies Flowers

Desborough Opticians

Mark Churcher Goldsmith

The George

Lucys Tearoom


Walkers Carpets and furniture

Sally Annes

Yes i know there are quit a few more, I will add to this list as and when the mood takes me, with links to help connect Desborough business  " on the web"  . If you are the owner of any business I have listed and I have spelt it or described it wrongly then please get in touch and I will ammend.

Being the owner of a small business myself, I know how difficult it can be to try and attract new customers, we have many loyal customers that have supported us well during my time at Burditts and during the time Leon was there before me. To all these people I say Thank You, we couldn't be here without your much aprecaited support.  There are many fine businesses running in Desborough despite the commonly heard phrase " You can't get anything in Desborough" .

From my own experiences we have a fantastic Opticians, Mo really does know his stuff and was realy patient when it took me days ( or was it weeks?) to choose my new glasses. 

The freshly made cakes at Lucys Tearoom are all screaming out  "eat me eat me!" my biggest complaint is that there are too many to choose from! ( I could happily sample all of them, but that might affect my slim  ish physique).

Janice at The George always provides a friendly welcome, Food portions are always generous ( maybe she thinks that I need building up, see above! ) good value and tasty.

And yes reader ( you still here?) theres loads more, as with the rest of this website, it will grow and evolve.

Before I end this page and you go off to look at autotrader or facebook, I would ask that next time you want a new bed, a new pair of glasses, the watch that your Great Uncle left you repairing, tea and cakes!, Steak and Ale Pie (mmmmm) with a pint, a new washing machine delivered fast ( well I could hardly leave that out could I). Try going to............... Desborough!  Money spent with a local small business has a lot more chance of being re spent with another local small business, this benifits the town, encourages growth so that even more things can be bought in Desborough; and every one lives happily ever after :o)   .


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